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Turkey Creek Tomato Seed

Turkey Creek Tomato Seed

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15 seeds. Turkey Creek was the best tasting tomato from our 2022 trials when we grew close to 20 different varieties. This heirloom variety produces large, beefsteak tomatoes that are very meaty. It has an wonderful, acidic flavor that is unlike any other tomato we've grown.

This is a great variety for making tomato sandwiches or just eating fruits right off the vine. Because it has a high meat to gel ratio, it's also a great tomato for canning and preserving stewed tomatoes, sauces, and more.

Turkey Creek is an indeterminate tomato variety that will continually produce until temperatures are consistently in the 90s during the middle of the summer. Due to the size of the fruits, you will need a substantial trellis to keep the plants upright. 

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