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Fig trees are a great addition to any backyard garden or homestead. They make a delicious summertime snack, but are also great for making jellies and fig preserves. With a wide variety of flavor profiles, you're sure to find one (or many) you'll love!

There are three general fig flavor profiles which include berry, sugar, and honey. While some varieties fit a specific flavor profile exactly, many others are a combination of two of those flavors. Figs also come in all shapes and sizes. Some figs are more bell-shaped while others around. Some figs are smaller than a quarter while others can get almost as big as a tennis ball.

Our fig trees are shipped in a 4x9" pot with an established root system. Once you receive your fig tree in the mail, we recommend watering the tree daily for at least a week prior to planting. This will allow the plant to recover from any stress experienced during the shipping process.

Plant your new fig tree in well-drained soil in an area that receives plenty of sun. Plant the root ball level with the ground and make a slight depression in the shape of a ring around the base of the plant. This will make it easier to water the tree as it develops roots in its new soil. We recommend watering every other day (assuming no rainfall) for the first couple months.

Figs typically perform best in zones 8 through 10, although some varieties are more cold-hardy than others. In general, most figs can tolerate temperatures in the low 20s during the winter months. However, some varieties like Olympian have been known to tolerate temperatures lower than that. If you're planning on growing fig trees in zones 6 or 7, it's a good idea to have a plan in place to cover the tree if temperatures drop below 20.

Fig trees can tolerate heavy pruning in the winter months, but pruning isn't absolutely necessary. If you have plenty of space for your fig tree to grow, let it grow. If you're limited on space or don't want a taller tree, you can certainly prune it to achieve those goals.

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