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Roadster Tomato Seed

Roadster Tomato Seed

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10 seeds. Roadster is a hybrid, determinate tomato variety that produces delicious jumbo tomatoes earlier than most varieties. We like to plant this variety alongside Red Snapper to provide a nice succession of production throughout our tomato-growing season. Roadster always gives us the first tomatoes of the year.

Roadster is a high-yielding variety with great plant vigor, even in hot and humid climates. It has a solid disease-resistance package including resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. The taste on these tomatoes is great and the color at peak ripeness is a sight to see!

When growing Roadster tomatoes, you'll want to make sure and have a strong trellis system. Heavy-duty cages or the Florida weave will work well, but you'll need something strong to support all the large tomatoes that these plants produce at one time.

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