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King Arthur Bell Pepper Seed

King Arthur Bell Pepper Seed

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12 seeds. King Arthur is a hybrid, green to red, bell pepper variety that consistently produces large bell peppers for us each time we grow it. We've tried many different bell pepper varieties over the years, but King Arthur has always been our most consistent performer.

King Arthur is a widely-adapted pepper variety that performs well in a wide range of growing zones. The huge bell peppers produced by this variety are great for stuffing or making big slices for salads, fajitas, and more! In addition to producing high-quality fruits, King Arthur is resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot and Potato Virus Y.

King Arthur plants get loaded with huge peppers in the warm season. As a result, these will need some type of trellis or support to keep the plants upright. You can use a simple stake trellis for 1-2 plants, or use the Florida Weave if planting a longer row of these.

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