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Katrina Cucumber Seed

Katrina Cucumber Seed

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10 seeds. Katrina cucumber is an extremely-productive mini-cucumber variety known for its disease resistance and ability to set fruit in hot conditions. This variety is parthenocarpic, meaning it doesn't require pollination. It's also gynoecious, which means it produces all female flowers. The result is a super-productive cucumber variety that produces 3-4 fruits per node.

Katrina cucumbers are seedless and have a thin skin which is perfect for slicing raw, snacking, and adding to salads. These are best harvested around 6" long and are known for their uniformity. They also perform well under heat stress and will continue to set fruit well into the summer months.

Katrina has a comprehensive disease resistance package that includes resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, cucumber vein yellowing virus, powdery mildew, and scab. This makes it a great option for early, mid, and late season plantings because the plants are more resilient compared to other specialty cucumber varieties.

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