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BHN 871 Gold Tomato Seed

BHN 871 Gold Tomato Seed

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10 seeds. BHN 871 Gold is a hybrid, determinate tomato variety with a beautiful orange color at peak ripeness. This exceptional tomato variety produces high-yields of 12 oz fruits that are smooth and round.

Unlike most yellow or orange tomatoes, BHN 871 Gold tomatoes have a firm and meaty texture with less gel inside. This makes it a great variety for sandwiches or making thicker sauces. You get less water and more delicious tomato!

Yellow and orange tomatoes less acidic than red tomatoes and great for folks that have issues with acidic foods. BHN 871 Gold has a solid disease-resistance package which includes resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus among others. Because this is a high-yielding determine variety, be sure to trellis it well!

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