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Ruiz Okra Seed

Ruiz Okra Seed

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50 seeds. Seeds for this okra variety were given to us in 2021 by Mr. Ruiz from Summerville, GA. The variety has been their go-to heirloom okra variety for decades. We planted the seeds that year and loved the variety. Mr. Ruiz didn't have a name for the variety, so we appropriately named it "Ruiz" okra.

The pods remain tender at longer lengths and are usually still great to eat at 6-7" long. Because the pods stay tender longer, we usually only have to harvest these a couple times a week. When we harvest, each plant typically has 2-3 nice pods on it.

We also like this variety because the plants don't make you itch near as bad as other okra varieties. The plants will get 8-9' tall throughout a long growing season, but they've never gotten too tall to harvest in our trial garden.

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