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Ozark Razorback Cowpea Seed

Ozark Razorback Cowpea Seed

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50 seeds. The Ozark Razorback Cowpea is the most uniquely-colored pea you've ever seen! This heirloom cowpea variety has a beautiful coloration when harvested fresh or allowed to dry on the plant. Each pea is slightly different from the next with the calico pattern that covers approximately half of each pea.

These peas are delicious when harvested fresh and cooked with bacon, neck bone, ham hock, or any other pork side. They can also be allowed to dry on the plant and shelled as a dry bean. When ready to cook, simply rehydrate the dried peas overnight in a bowl of water before cooking.

This is a climbing cowpea variety that performs well when given a trellis to climb. They could be grown without a trellis, but they would need significantly more room because of their sprawling habit. The climbing nature of this variety makes them easy to pick without much bending.

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