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Olle Gardens 17" Tall x 42" Round Raised Garden Beds

Olle Gardens 17" Tall x 42" Round Raised Garden Beds

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• Easy to Assemble

• Built to Last 30+ Years

• 17" Tall with 48" Diameter

• Made with Weather-Resistant Metal

• Open Bottom for Improved Drainage

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Our Round Metal Raised Bed Garden Kit is perfect for growing a lot of delicious vegetables in a small space. These round beds allow you to densely plant root vegetables, greens, and more so that you can maximize the potential of your growing space. Each bed is 17" tall with a 42" diameter, giving you plenty of room to grow a single vegetable or multiple vegetables in the same bed.

Even if your backyard is small and you don't have room for an in-ground garden, you can still grow delicious vegetables and herbs for your family to enjoy. These raised bed kits are also a great option if you have hard or rocky soil that is difficult to cultivate. Create soft and fertile garden soil with ease and grow food year round in these sturdy steel beds.

Beautiful, Strong, and Functional

Each Round Metal Raised Bed Garden Kit is made with 24 gauge galvanized steel that is coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy. This coating makes the beds rust-resistant and weather resistant, ensuring they'll stay looking great in your garden for many years to come.

The glossy exterior gives these beds an elegant look that is sure to enhance the beauty in your backyard. You can grow delicious food in these and look good doing it! The powder-coated exterior reflects sunlight, preventing the beds from getting too hot in the summer months.

What Can You Grow in These?

You can grow a wide variety of warm-season and cool-season veggies in the round raised beds. You can use each bed to plant a single vegetable, or utilize companion planting to get many different herbs and vegetables from the same bed.

These round metal raised beds are ideal for dense plantings of carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, and other greens during the cool season. Lightly cultivate the top of the bed and sprinkle seeds heavily across the entire round bed. Lightly cover with soil or a seed starting mix, then water daily until seeds germinate. The end result will be a lush bed that is full of delicious vegetables for your family to enjoy!

These round beds are also great for someone needing just a few tomato or pepper plants. You can easily fit two tomato plants and two tomato cages in one of these 42" diameter beds. You'll even have room for some basil or marigolds to help keep the beneficial insects nearby!

Quick & Easy Assembly!

Each Raised Bed Kit includes easy-to-follow, detailed assembly instructions. The same nut, bolt, and washer is used for the entire kit.

Place the metal pieces in the desired configuration, insert a bolt through each hole, and secure with a washer and nut. Hand tighten initially, then tighten with a wrench once they're all in place.

After the metal pieces are connected, press the rubber safety edging onto the top edge of the bed. This safety edging ensures no sharp edges are exposed, making the bed safe to use for the entire family.

Filling Raised Beds with Soil

You can use a variety of soil types to fill these raised beds.

We filled ours mostly with composted wood chips that we found at a local sawmill. Then we topped them with mushroom compost, our Coop Gro Fertilizer, and a bag of potting soil.

Some growers will fill the bottom with sticks and other yard debris that will break down over time and provide organic matter for plants.

We recommend filling them to the top initially as the soil will settle over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will These Beds Rust?

These metal raised beds are made of 24 gauge galvanized steel that is coated with Aluzinc. This zinc-aluminum alloy coating creates a rust-resistant surface that can withstand the harshest conditions.

Do the Beds Ever Get Too Hot?

The powder coating reflects heat from the sun and protects the bed from overheating. Even in our warm south Georgia climate, we've never had an issue with the beds getting too warm.

Are These Safe for Growing Food?

The metal and powder coating do not leach harmful substances in the soil, so they're perfectly safe for growing food for your family.

Why Are the Beds Open on the Bottom?

The beds are open at the bottom to allow for drainage. This also allows the soil in your beds to connect to the natural soil biome, which lets beneficial organisms like worms come and go as they please.

Do You Need Support Brackets in the Center?

Support brackets are not necessary when using any of the recommended configurations with the kit. The steel panels are strong and will not bulge when filled with soil.