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Giant Watermelon Seed

Giant Watermelon Seed

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5 seeds. These Giant Watermelon seeds are the offspring of 300+ lb monsters! Competitively grown by our friend Ryan Cook in West Virginia, these open-pollinated seeds are sure to grow some giant watermelons.

These watermelons should be in the 100 to 150 lb range approximately 90 days after planting. In that time frame, you can harvest and enjoy them if you'd like. Be sure to make sure the tendril nearest to the fruit is dry before harvesting.

If you want to grow a giant, leave the watermelon the vine and continue to water the plants. The fruit will be overripe, but it will continue to enlarge the longer it sits on the vine. And if you treat it well, hopefully you'll get a 300+ lb watermelon to show to your friends and family!

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