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Garden Labels

Garden Labels

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These commercial-grade garden labels are a great way to keep track of what you've planted. Use these in your greenhouse or seed starting room to label individual varieties or vegetables in your seed starting trays. They also work great for labeling plants or varieties in raised bed or container gardens.

Available in 5 different colors, these labels are injected-molded from recycled plastic. They're flexible and durable for a wide range of garden projects. The pointed end makes it easy to push these into soil in seed starting trays, containers, or garden beds. Each label is 5/8" wide and 5" long.

Choose from lavender, blue, green, orange, or yellow garden labels that include 100 labels per pack. Our Rainbow 500 pack option is also a great idea if you want to color code plants or varieties in your garden. The Rainbow 500 pack includes 100 garden labels for each color offered.

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