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Coop Gro Fertilizer 25 lbs

Coop Gro Fertilizer 25 lbs

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Coop Gro Fertilizer is an all-natural nutrient source for a wide range of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and more! It includes a balanced formulation of primary nutrients and secondary nutrients to provide complete plant nutrition. This pelleted formulation is easy to use and apply to your in-ground garden, raised beds, containers, and potted plants.

Coop Gro Fertilizer is OMRI certified for organic production will stimulate growth and flowering on anything you plant in the vegetable garden. The slow-release, non-burning formula ensures that you won't burn plants if you accidentally add too much. And with it being all-natural, it's safe to use around kids and animals.

Use Coop Gro on Everything You Plant!

Coop Gro Fertilizer works great as a pre-plant fertilizer for everything you plant. It provides the initial nutrients that seedlings or transplants require for a healthy start. For fast-growing vegetables like lettuce, radishes, greens, and more, a single application of Coop Gro Fertilizer prior to planting is all they'll need!

Sprinkle the fertilizer in the planting furrow for in-ground gardens or incorporate it into the soil in raised bed or container gardens. It can also be used for side-dressing vegetables with higher nutrient demands as they grow. Simply sprinkle it alongside the row prior to hilling or lightly incorporate into the soil. See below for specific application rates.

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