Below is a list of companies that have partnered with Lazy Dog Farm so that we can help share their quality gardening products with you. These are companies that understand what backyard gardeners need to be successful, and that have a focused mission to help people grow their own food.

For each company listed below, you'll find a link to their website and a coupon code to save on your order. We do receive a small commission for each order placed through the affiliate links below, which helps to support Lazy Dog Farm and allow us to continue to provide quality gardening content for our viewers.

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Olle Gardens

OLLE Garden Beds carry a wide range of heavy-duty, galvanized raised beds that are perfect for a small backyard garden. Available in a variety of heights, sizes, and colors, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your backyard space! These beds are made of corrugated steel that's coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy. This means that they won't rust or degrade over time due to sun or weather exposure. These beds not only look great, but they are designed to last a long time.

The 12-in-1 Olle Metal Garden Bed provides the ultimate level of customization with 12 different possible configurations. This setup can be made into a square, wide rectangle, or even a narrow rectangle. This allows you to maximize your garden space with the shape that fits your layout best.

Each of their raised bed options is available in ivory, sage green, or charcoal. Each bed is also available in a 17" tall or 32" tall height. When designing our new raised bed layout, we opted for the sage green colored beds with some tall and some shorter for contrast. In addition to the 12-in-1 Olle Metal Garden Bed, we also added several of their round raised beds for single plantings of vegetables like carrots, beets, parnsips and more.

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Migardener carries a wide range of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds for backyard vegetable gardeners. These are all seeds that you can save from the vegetables you produce and replant the following year.

They offer seeds in smaller packet quantities, which is a great solution for small-scale gardeners that only need a few seeds per variety. This is also a great option for those gardeners who enjoy planting a few plants of many different varieties.

We particularly enjoy their heirloom tomato choices including some of our favorites like the Kellogg's Breakfast and German Johnson Tomato varieties. We also like their selection of peppers which includes some of our favorites like Santa Fe Grande and Big Jim Pepper.

This company is passionate about teaching people how to grow delicious food in their backyard. They are also actively involved in helping to preserve the native genetics of many heirloom seeds that have become rare or hard to find.

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AgroThrive produces organic fertilizers that effectively feed the plants in your vegetable garden. These liquid fertilizers are made from a combination of fish and corn steep liquor.

Their sustainable operations help to reduce the amount of material going to landfills, and instead use them as a great source of nutrients for your garden. They have a proprietary process called PDP (Progressive  Digestion Process) that breaks down the organic nutrients so that they're accessible to your plants much faster.

Unlike other organic fertilizers that may take a while to become effective, these biologically-active fertilizers are ready to make an immediate impact on your garden and feed your soil at the same time.

These fertilizers are easy to apply to your garden in a variety of ways. You can dissolve it in a bucket or watering can and apply it alongside your plants, or use as a foliar feed to the plant leaves. It also works well when injected into a drip irrigation system or through an overhead sprinkler.

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Drip Depot Irrigation Products

Drip Depot

Drip Depot is your one-stop shop for all things irrigation. Whether you're wanting to water a large backyard garden or just a few tomato plants, they have what you need. They also carry irrigation supplies for trees, lawns, and more!

We use their 8 mil drip tape on just about everything that we plant in our vegetable gardens. We prefer the 8 mil tape with 12" emitter spacing, but they have a wide range of options for emitter spacing and roll length. We like that we can get the 8 mil tape in smaller, 1,000 rolls which are easier to carry and use in a small-scale backyard garden.

Using drip irrigation in the vegetable garden has endless benefits, regardless of the size of your garden. Drip irrigation not only conserves water, but it helps to reduce weed pressure and plant diseases. Because you're only watering the plants and not the open spaces between the rows, you won't have near as many weeds thriving in your garden plots. You also will have less disease issues because you're not repeatedly wetting the leaves of your plants.

We've also used their irrigation supplies to install an automatic watering system for our fig tree orchard. This setup was super easy to install and has saved us so much time when planting new trees, which usually require daily watering. It has also improved the health and growth of our existing trees. Now that we can water them easily, they are not stressed on warmer days and we've been able to maximize the growth in our fig orchard.

Bootstrap Farmer Affiliate Link

Bootstrap Farmer

Bootstrap Farmer carries a wide range of seed starting supplies for any scale. Whether  you're a backyard gardener or a small-scale market farmer, they've got the high-quality products you need to grow your own vegetable and flower transplants.

We particularly like their 2.5" Extra Strength Seed Starter Pots. We use these heavy-duty pots for "stepping-up" plants that were germinated in a smaller-celled seed starting tray. They work great for growing tomato and pepper transplants and we like the fact that they're sturdy and will last for years. The variety of colors offered also allows you to color code your plants based on variety, making it easier to keep track of what you've planted.

We also like the 1020 holding trays for the heavy-duty 2.5" step-up pots. We use the mesh bottom trays for top-watering, when we need the bottom of the tray to drain. And we use the extra strength deep trays when bottom watering is necessary.

We also use both of these in combination with the mesh tray sitting inside the deep bottom tray. This provides a shelf for the seed starting pots so that the bottom of the pots isn't submerged in excess water at the bottom of the tray. It also makes it easy to  dump excess water that may have become stagnant. Both the mesh and deep bottom  trays are built with the same quality as the 2.5" pots and will last for many years.


Wood Prairie Farm

Wood Prairie is a family-owned and operated farm located in northern Maine. For over 45 years, they've been growing organic-certified seed potatoes for backyard gardeners and small-scale market farmers. They grow their beautiful seed potatoes using regenerative farming practices that focus on building healthy soils for sustainable production with minimal inputs.

They offer a wide selection of seed potatoes with a variety of colors, flavors, and maturity dates. Whether you enjoy early-maturing red potatoes or late-maturing golden potatoes, they have you covered.

Because they grow their seed potatoes themselves, they're able to ship them to you whenever you need them. You can specify your ship date on the checkout page and they'll ship them as close to that ship date as they can -- weather permitting.

This year we're growing Huckleberry Gold, Baltic Rose, Keuka Gold, and Caribe in the Lazy Dog Farm gardens. We love the gold-fleshed potatoes, but we're also excited to try Caribe. Caribe is a very early-maturing variety that is more forgiving if you're late getting your potatoes planted.

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Steele Plant Company Sweet Potato Slips

Steele Plant Company

Steele Plant Company is a family-owned and operated sweet potato plant farm located in Gleason, TN. They've been providing quality sweet potato slips to gardeners and small-scale farmers for over 65 years. They are Tennessee's largest sweet potato plant dealer and have an excellent selection of varieties.

Their selection of sweet potato slips includes more than 10 different sweet potato varieties in a wide range of colors. If you prefer the traditional red sweet potatoes, they have several tried and true varieties that are sure to perform in your backyard garden. If you want to grow something unique, they have several white-fleshed and even a purple sweet potato variety that's absolutely delicious!

Their site includes options for small and large gardeners. You can order as few as 12 slips, which is perfect for a raised bed or a small container garden. Or if you want to plant a large plot of sweet potatoes, you can order 500 plants or more!

Their sweet potato slips are pulled from their farm and immediately shipped to you so that they're as fresh as possible when you receive them. They wrap each bunch of slips in a wet material to keep them moist and alive during transport. Our favorites varieties include Georgia Jet and "Bunch" Porto Rico, but you can't go wrong with any of their offerings.

Cattywampus Acres Goat Milk Soaps

Cattywampus Acres Goat Milk Soap

Cattywampus Acres produces handmade goat milk soaps that will soothe your skin like nothing else! Their soaps are made with an artisan technique that puts lots of love into every bar.

All their soaps are made with goat milk produced on their sustainable farm in Georgia. The soaps contain no harmful ingredients or chemicals like traditional brand name soaps. This means that your skin won't feel tacky or sticky after using them. Instead, your skin will feel soft, smooth, and nourished!

They have a wide variety of scents for men, women, and even children! Their Refined Gentleman Goat Milk Soap and their Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Goat Milk Soap are a few of our favorites. Each bar usually lasts for 30 days and the life of the soap can even be extended by using their Sisal Soap Bag.

Our kids love using these soaps in the bath because they leave their skin feeling silky smooth. These goat milk soaps also help tremendously with any persistent skin issues. After bathing with the soap, we'll let the kids soak in the water with the soap and it really helps relieve any skin issues they may be having.

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Hot Tar Pepper Infused Sauces

Hot Tar Sauces

Hot Tar Sauces have a unique and tasty collection of pepper-infused honey, vinegar, seafood sauces, and more! They use sustainably-grown peppers on their own farm to make these flavorful infusions that are sure to make your taste buds dance! They specialize in using chocolate habanero peppers to infuse a little heat and a lot of flavor into all of their products.

Their signature products include their Hot Tar Tartar Sauce, Cocktail Sauce and Hush Puppy Mix. These will take your next seafood meal to the next level with the sweet, smoky heat of the chocolate habaneros. The Hot Tar Hush Puppy Mix can also be used to make some of the best fried green tomatoes you've ever had!

They have a wide selection of infused honey that's great for basting your favorite grilled meats. These flavorful honey combinations also make a great addition to your favorite cheese or charcuterie board. The combination of the chocolate habaneros and the honey creates a sweet, smoky heat that you won't find anywhere else.

Their pepper-infused vinegars are always within reach in our kitchen. We use these flavorful vinegars on so many different dishes. The Hot Malt vinegar is the perfect condiment for your favorite fried fish or other seafood, and the Red Habanero Vinegar is excellent with a bowl of collard or mustard greens!

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