56" Tall Square Tomato Cage

56" Tall Square Tomato Cages - 5 Pack

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These are strongest and toughest Tomato Cages you'll find. We've had ours for many years and they're just as good as the day we got them. These are Amish-made cages made with thick, 8 gauge galvanized steel.

The openings on these are 8" wide so it's easy to reach in there and harvest the fruits. They're 56" tall, but can be stuck in the ground about 8-10". So the total height is around 48" once in the ground.

If you live in the south and have a shorter tomato growing season, these work great for indeterminate tomato varieties. They also work great for determinate tomatoes and tomatillos. Once the season is complete, these fold for easy storage.